13 Skills for Preschool Children

You can do a lot to support your preschooler’s growth. We share some of the facts determined by the researchers in this article to guide you.

Researchers from the University of Kansas have developed a program called the Preschool Life Skills Program. This program, which is mostly aimed at teachers, includes 13 skills that can be developed for preschool children. The aim of this program is to acquire skills and reduce problem-causing behaviors. 

Children in preschool class

The skills covered by the program are:

Following directions

  • Respond appropriately to the name,
  • Following simple instructions
  • Following multiple directions,

Functional communication

  • Asking for help,
  • A desire for attention/attention,
  • Asking adults
  • Making requests from peers,

Portrait of smiling female teacher helping little girl painting picture on easel in art class, copy space

Being tolerant of delays

  • Being tolerant of delays imposed by adults,
  • Being tolerant of delays imposed by peers,

Friendship relations

  • Do not thank,
  • Accepting or complimenting others,
  • Making suggestions and sharing,
  • comforting others in stressful situations.

Parent and pupil of preschool. Woman and girl with backpack behind back. Beginning of lessons. First day of fall.

Problem behaviors in kids decreased by 74% when this program was put into place. Each skill requires 2 to 5 days for children to learn.

In addition to the teacher using this program in the preschool classroom, the parents should also follow this program at home so that their children can learn these skills.

You can start using these items to educate your child in kindergarten. By keeping an eye out for the behaviors mentioned in this program, you can aid in your child’s growth.

Read this article if you are concerned about your child’s social skills.

References: Preschool Life Skills by Elif Yalçntaş Sezgin, Eurasian Journal of Research in Social and Economics, an article published in 2018.

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