Our Games Description


Our games developed under our consultant pedagogues' advice and suggestions. From the development until the post-release stages of njoyKidz games, our expert team is the biggest help in producing the most entertaining and educational content for kids.


We don't just develop games. We also guide your kid’z. Here are some of the skills we help;


Social skills depend on several core competencies, including self-control and verbal ability. Teaching interpersonal skills to kids in their early life is highly important for their development and social interactions in their life. This is why, at njoyKidz, our goal is to prepare children for healthy interactions with their social environment and peers. Our specifically designed games enable us to help improve children’s interpersonal skills and teach them the most crucial concepts like teamwork, empathy, communication, responsibility, and many more.


Creativity is called the ability to imagine something that does not exist, do something in different ways, and develop new ideas. Imagination, which is very important in creativity, emerges in childhood and is subject to continuous development. For this reason, creativity gives the child a different perspective, supports audio-visual methods, facilitates the storage processes in memory, and enables him to establish the connection between events and objects.

Problem Solving 

The problem is called the occurrence of undesirable situations. Processes such as the reaction to this situation, the approach taken, the decision taken, and the solution reached can be described as problem-solving skills. Creative, fast, analytical, and critical thinking abilities play an important role in these processes. In this context, children with problem-solving skills can interpret the outside world faster and more efficiently. In addition, they can express themselves better about existing problems and quickly solve the stages of problem-solving.


Memory is the ability to process information and store it within the brain’s structure; memory is the capacity to recall and use when needed. Children with improved working memory are more successful in problem-solving, task planning, organizing, and many more. Especially in children, when various activities support it, memory enhances way faster than a regular person. A child with a developed memory can conduct normal and school life more accurately.


Attention is called the ability to focus one’s attention on a subject or object. Attention skills play an essential role in all processes of children’s daily life. Learning is faster and more permanent in situations where interest and attention are awake. The child is receptive to the extent that he is attentive and learns quickly and easily to the time that he is focused.


njoyKidz was founded in 2021 with the idea of creating enjoyable and educational games for kids. It is a mobile game company that produces games for kids aimed at helping families to improve their kids’ mental abilities.

Our priority is to make ad-free mobile games with concepts that nurture their development and interests while entertaining them to the fullest. We developed our games to help improve a total of 5 different mental abilities: Attention, Creativity, Problem Solving, Memory, and Sociability.

We do not believe that progress can be interpreted without measurement so it will remain incomplete. For this reason, we have developed a parent information system where parents can follow their kids’ performance and the improvement of mental abilities with detailed reports in real-time. They can also view the recommendations prepared by our pedagogical advisory team of psychologists and kindergarten teachers.